Josh Pollock one of my favorite developers posted this on Twitter. I thought it was very interesting about using “Heatmaps” to test your SEO plan.

The article uses the analogy of heatmaps is like being Jason Bourne. I found this intriguing and exciting. Jason Bourne is a movie character where a man was trained by CIA’s black ops to be a human weapon.  He goes rogue after awaking from a decade long amnesia. The CIA presumed him dead. He then has an uncanny ability to escape  detection from technology and escapes ambushes.

Heatmaps allows you to learn what content visitors are reacting to positively, and then create more of that content for them.

The main points outlined in this article are:

1. Determine Ideal Content-Length with Scrollmaps

2. Use Heatmaps to Improve Internal Links

3. Optimize Image Placement with Scrollmaps

4. Use Heatmaps for External Link Engagement

5. Use Heatmaps for Related Posts Engagement

6. Match Title Tags with Page Content Message

7. Get Keyword Usage Feedback with Scrollmaps

So if you want to do SEO like Jason Bourne, if the above subject topic interest you. Scoot on over to CrazyEgg by following the above link.

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