Elle Kaplan, CEO & Founder of @LexionCapital A Premier Investment Management Firm recently wrote this blog. “8 Powerful Signs You’re Successful”. Surprisingly, she didn’t list any of the top 10 from the top marketing experts.

She listed:

1. You use your time wisely
Successful people don’t waste their own time.

2. You don’t let failure discourage you
If you focus on your successes, however big or small, instead of obsessing about your failures, you’re more of a winner than you realize.

3. You go the extra mile
Doing the bare minimum might allow you skirt by in your career, but it probably won’t make you stand out or help you catch your big break.

4. You’re an attentive listener
Being able to take in what your employees, family, or friends tell you is an undervalued skill, but being a good listener can open doors and opportunities for you.

5. You’re a constant learner
Many people believe education stops after graduation, but if you’ve cultivated the habit of being a constant learner, you’re already ahead of the game.

6. You welcome constructive criticism
Taking in constructive criticism is not only an essential professional skill, it’s also an important opportunity to grow as a person.

7. You enjoy helping others
Success isn’t all about growing your financial assets or status but making your day to day life meaningful.


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