Today was a good day! It was a good day because I met Matt Mullenweg for the first time in my life, using WordPress since 2005. I never dreamed this day would come in my life. Seeing Matt for the first time I just had to thank him for creating WordPress and developing the WordPress Community. Would you believe he gave me a hug? Yes, he did!

What WordPress means to me is freedom. Freedom to create, to explore and to problem solve. Due to the incredible theme and plugin system with a fantastic developer community, my family has been raised to a whole new income level.  To this I am grateful and we are loving life.

I am very grateful because WordPress empowers people. Many end users of WordPress are non-technically minded. The average WordPress user naturally wants to be able to write posts without problems or interruption. These are the users that the WordPress Community design the software for as they are ultimately the ones who are going to spend the most time using it for what it was built for.  Because WordPress is Open Source it gives a voice to those who would not have one.

I truly enjoy getting together with other WordPress developers in real life through the Meetup because it makes powerful things happen. Projects become collaborations, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. WordPress Orlando Meetups bring people together to create thriving a community.

Strangely, I had no questions for Matt during this Q & A. I could not think of any. However, I enjoyed hearing him answer others questions. His mannerism reminded my husband and me of our son Jonathan. He was animated and we could see his passion for WordPress in the answers that he gave.

I am thankful and proud to be a part of the WordPress community.


My chance to thank Matt for WordPress and his contribution.


He gave me a hug!



WordPress Orlando Leadership Team with Matt Mullenweg


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