I’ve been building WordPress websites since 2005. Since then I continually research themes and plugins, looking for the best ones that fit my goals.

My passion is to be able to help people.  I’ve determined to serve small business owners who I believe are the backbone of our economy, by using and promoting WordPress exclusively. With WordPress, I am able to empower small business owners by teaching them how to edit their own websites. To that end, I’ve created tutorials and videos with the goal to teach people how to use a WordPress website for many purposes.

In 2013 I learned about this great new theme being developed by Elegant Themes called Divi. I was intrigued and followed the progress. It promised to be much more than just another standard theme. Divi was developed as a drag and drop framework. It fit my goal of teaching people how to manage and edit their own website, code free.

With the Divi Builder you can create beautiful and unique layouts visually, without touching a single line of code. The builder gives anyone the ability to create truly dynamic websites with ease.

Divi has pre-made layouts that allow you to quickly develop your website. These are completely customizable and can be used as a great starting point for creating your own designs. Divi also has the capability to save and download your own created layouts to use in another website or page on the same website.

Divi is wonderfully responsive as long as you use the Divi Builder and not the visual editor with tables. Each and every building block will conform to your visitor’s screen, working on all electronic devices.

Divi makes It easy to build just about anything with no two websites looking the same like a cookie cutter.

Divi is Awarded The Sucuri Seal

“The Sucuri code audit found 0 issues. Because of the rarity of an event like this, the review was performed multiple times, each time with the same results. An exceptional job by the Elegant Theme development team. This theme was developed extremely well and as such, the Divi Theme is deserving of the Safe Theme seal. No significant issues were identified during the vulnerability assessment. No issues were identified in the code audit” – Sucuri Team

So now lets take a look under the hood of Divi.


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